Industry Insurance Solutions

NY Sunrise Agency is well equipped to provide you with insurance solutions that meet your specific requirements. We are not limited to these specific industries but have experience working with specific industries. Call us to discuss your needs and to see how we can help you save on your insurance costs. 
We insure all types of businesses in addition to these specific industries below.

Contractor Insurance

Tailored to meet the needs of construction professionals, this insurance covers risks related to building and construction projects, including liability, workers’ compensation, and equipment damage.

Main Street Small Business Insurance

A comprehensive package that caters to the diverse needs of small businesses commonly found on main streets, such as boutiques, cafes, and shops. It typically includes property, liability, and business interruption coverage.

Landscaping Services Insurance

Provides coverage for landscapers, covering potential risks involved in outdoor work, including equipment damage, liability for property damage, and injury claims.

Restaurant Insurance

Specially formulated to address the unique risks faced by dining establishments, including food spoilage, customer injury, and liability for alcohol-related incidents.

Retail Insurance

Designed for store owners, this insurance provides coverage for property damage, theft, and liability issues that can arise from daily customer interactions and operations.

Lessors Risk Insurance

Specifically for property owners renting out commercial spaces. It covers property damage and liability claims that can occur on the premises, protecting the lessor from legal and financial exposures.

Medical Office Insurance

Covers the specific needs of medical practitioners, including protection against malpractice claims, data breaches, and property damage within medical facilities.

Trucking Insurance

Essential for businesses involved in hauling goods. It includes liability and physical damage coverage and can be tailored to cover the specific types of cargo being transported.

Fitness Center Insurance

Provides coverage for gyms and fitness centers, protecting against equipment damage, member injuries, and liability claims related to fitness activities.

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Each of these insurance types is designed to address the specific risks associated with operating in these varied industries, providing business owners with peace of mind to focus on growing their business. 

We insure all types of businesses in addition to these specific industries above.

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